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A SMART idea for classroom delivery

SMART are about to release a new type of whiteboard, which is very interesting. It’s called the SMART kapp and it is a special type of board that allows a person to write on it with whiteboard markers and instantly share what they are writing with anyone using a mobile device or computer. The video below shows how it can be used in a business model but I have some thoughts on how it might be useful in primary schools.

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I like the idea that children can bring their own devices to school and have the opportunity to work together to create collaborative ideas. I can see the kapp being very useful for brainstorming. For those who like the Khan Academy, the possibilities of kapp are very interesting. While I’m not a fan of the Khan Academy set up, I can see its benefits and being able to watch what the teacher was doing on the board could be useful in a Flipped Classroom model.

While it’s unlikely to be a huge seller in primary schools, the SMART kapp is an interesting idea. There haven’t been too many innovations in the world of education and technology in the last couple of years so something a little different is always good to see. There is no price set for the Irish market as yet but it seems to be retailing in the US at under $1,000.


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