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Guest Post:Denis Conroy and the 6633 Ultra Marathon

I am Denis Conroy and I am  racing in a ultra marathon, starting 20th March. The race begins in Eagle Plains on Friday the 20th of March and will finish some 352 miles north on the edge of the Arctic Ocean. We will be crossing the Arctic Circle 23.5 miles into the race, crossing many mountains and even running over 100 miles over water on the ice roads.


I was born and raised in Rathfarnham , Dublin. I have been a Chef / Catering Director for the last 25 years and have managed to see a lot of the world in that time while doing my job.

In 2010 and 2011 I ran the Marathon Des Sables, a 250km Self Supported Ultra Marathon across the Sahara Desert. During the 2011 MDS I had the pleasure of meeting and quickly becoming friends with Daithi O Murchu, former principal teacher and education guru, and now I have the pleasure of running the 6633 Ultra with him.

This is truly a great year for running the 6633 Ultra as we have 5 runners representing Ireland. To date there has not been an Irishman finish this event but we hope to destroy that statistic this year. The Five Irish Runners are,

Denis Conroy, Dublin.

Daithi O Murchu, Dublin.

Paddy Craig, Dublin.

Gavin Hennigan, Galway.

Jonny Davies, Larne Co Antrim.

Daithi and I will be travelling with G.P.S which will allow people to track our progress. The link is below. It will go live on the morning of the 20th of March just before the start of the race and will update every 30 minutes. Just remember if the dot does not move for a while it probably just means we have stopped to eat or sleep.

We have a fine mix of Irish runners this year and I am sure we will have some celebrating to do at the end of the race! You can see more about the race 6633 at and from the 14 March the organisers of the 6633 Ultra in the Canadian Yukon wish to announce that messages of support to the athletes over the 566km race can be sent to them via the following temporary email address All messages will be forwarded to the athletes at the earliest opportunity = morale boost – support – words of universal gratitude – For the purpose of privacy please use the athlete’s name in the subject line.

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