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Goodbye Leabhar Rolla!

The Department of Education has issued a circular, 33/2015, which has effectively given schools the go ahead to get rid of the traditional roll book. The circular allows schools from 2015/16 to utilise electronic records of attendance instead of filling in the paper-based rollbook.

The end of the roll book Source:

The end of the roll book Source: not only welcomes this news but celebrates it. We’re not going to make any claims that we had anything to do with it but we’ve been harping about this issue for longer than we can remember and it’s wonderful to see that the whole concept of recording attendance twice is no longer necessary. The government are wise to not force schools to go completely electronic as I’m sure there will be people who like the tradition of the roll book.

Congratulations to the Department of Education for making the decision more quickly than any of us expected. Perhaps there’s a silver lining to POD after all!

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