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The Summer Writing Institute for Teachers of Writing:University of Maynooth

I have been accepted for the Summer Writing Institute for Teachers of Writing this July 2015 in Maynooth University and I am super excited!


The National University of Ireland, Maynooth, in consultation with a range of teaching and learning networks, including Maynooth University Early Childhood, the Further Education Support Service, the Reading Association of Ireland and the Irish Network for the Enhancement of Writing, will host this institute. It will draw from the US National Writing Project model and is designed to provide an opportunity for dedicated teachers, from all education levels, to meet, share good practice, and learn more about writing and supporting the development of writing and writers.

The institute will be facilitated by, among others, staff of the Maynooth University Writing Centre, Education Department, and Froebel Department, colleagues from University of Limerick, and invited colleagues from the Bay Area Writing Project, University of California, Berkeley.

With this in mind, I am going to be recapping on some(I couldn’t list them all!) of the useful ways I have helped children develop their creative writing in the primary classroom.


I will also use a diary blog on to detail everything that goes on, I am hoping it will be useful for teachers and lovers of the pedagogy of writing.

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