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What you might not know about the ETB Community National School model

With the news today that Richard Bruton wants the ETB to lead an “identification process” to ascertain which Catholic schools will divest to multi-denominational patrons (one of which is the ETB itself) and once they choose the one they like, the government will pay them between €10k and €20k per annum to “lease” the school, it might seem a little bit suspicious to anyone with half an interest in the education system. Why would Richard Bruton wish for the ETB Read More...

Who will succeed Tomás O'Ruairc on the Teaching Council?

It’s hard to believe that 5 years have passed since Tomás Ó Ruairc has been at the helm of the Teaching Council. Its been a very eventful time for us in teacher world. When Tomás took over, the Teaching Council was in a very difficult position. The Teaching Council’s relevance was being questioned as it didn’t appear to have fulfilled anything. For example, people were still able to teach in schools despite having no teaching qualifications. Many teachers didn’t even bother Read More...

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