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Electronic Absence Note

When a child is absent from school, parents are required to write a note to the teacher explaining the reason...
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Parent Teacher Meetings 2.0

For the last few years, I used to dread Parent Teacher Meetings. This might seem strange as I am an...
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Library Management Systems

Library Management Systems have been around for quite some time in schools but it’s only in the last year with...
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Attendance Tracking

Over the last few years, student management systems have become central to many schools’ administration. This article focuses on the...
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Managing Student Information

Student Management Systems are the biggest things to hit schools since Interactive Whiteboards. This article, the fourth one in my...
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Sharing and Storing Files

Leading on from a question from a colleague of mine about storing files so that all the staff in the...
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How do you use Shortcodes on Aladdin?

Aladdin is Ireland’s leading Student Management System and offers schools the ability to do almost every administrative task one can think...
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