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Explaining Sten Scores to Parents

The NCCA have provided some excellent information sheets for parents to understand the new end of year school reports that...
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Any tips for the dip?

Doesn’t the summer fly by so quickly? My friends always laugh at me when I say 2 months is never...
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Assessment for Beginners

What is assessment? Assessment is the process of gathering, recording, interpreting, using, and reporting information about a child’s progress and...
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Rules for Group Work

As you are agreeing the rules with the children( it is important you agree the rules with the children and...
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Using Learning Objectives

This week I am busy tutoring student teachers in the teaching methodologies-English. I remember when I sat in my first...
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Advice on School trips

In the last term, many of schools are organising their school or class tour. These days are so important for...
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Thoughts on Sports Days

May and June are just crazy times of the year and if you are an NQT, then you will be...
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Planning a Lesson with an IWB

So your principal has bought everyone in the school interactive whiteboards. After wondering where the money came from – how many cakes...
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Using Bloom’s Taxonomy

Textbooks annoy me somewhat. Using them as a balanced resource within a classroom full of discussion and activity is fine...
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Parent Teacher Meetings 2.0

For the last few years, I used to dread Parent Teacher Meetings. This might seem strange as I am an...
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