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Review: Adobe Slide

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I am attending a PDST Tutor training 2-day course in Dublin today and tomorrow. I’m facilitating a PDST Tech in Ed course for teachers this July so I am bring brought up to speed with all the latest and most loved educational/tech resources that are being looked at by the PDST.

Some of you may have heard of Adobe Spark but if you haven’t, here is a quick guide to why it is so great!

If you have used powerpoint/prezi/storybird/photostory, then you will know how good these storytelling resources can be when helping children learn in an integrated way for any subject. But, Adobe Spark is slicker and super easy to use than those mentioned. You create an account with a few clicks through Google / Facebook.

You then need to set a focal point and after that you add images, videos, text, to make a social graphic, web stories, and animated videos – in minutes. It looks amazing and the real beauty is how quickly you can share your Spark on website, facebook or any other way you can think of.

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