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Literacy Idea: Captioning

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Based on Monday’s #edchatie discussion on literacy ideas, I brought up the idea of blogging images and adding captions. It’s a simple idea where children use a Smartphone or tablet and run a blogging app. They take a photograph of something and write a caption underneath then publish. For me, it’s so simple that anyone from Junior Infants upwards could do it. Junior Infants who aren’t ready to write can record their voice or use voice recognition to caption their photograph. Here are some examples:

There are two apples on the apple tree.

There are two apples on the apple tree.

My daddy drives his tractor.

My daddy drives his tractor.

As we were chatting on the discussion, @cymplecy tweeted to ask me why not use Twitter for the same purposes. For some reason, I never thought about it but it’s a fantastic idea. There are now loads of schools who have Twitter accounts so wouldn’t it be easy to use a hashtag like #classroomCaptions or something shorter and children could tweet photographs that they have captioned!

There are other apps that would work very nicely too. I like Tumblr and that’s the one I generally have been recommending to teachers on courses that I give. However, one could also use apps like Instagram, Flickr or other photo-sharing apps.


Image credits: Wikimedia


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