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What should be included in the content of an email when sending applications online?

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Many schools are now offering applicants for positions the ability to email their forms. This can save teachers lots of time, but most importantly, money. It can cost up to €3 to post one application using paper. With paper, one generally sends a cover letter, but with email, what is the etiquette?

For me, the email is basically a substitute for a cover letter. While I wouldn’t be as formal in terms of formatting the email, I would definitely use similar wording. Therefore, I’d lose the addresses and dates that you’d traditionally find at the top part of a formal letter but I would start the email with “Dear (chairperson’s name),”

In the body of the email, state what you are applying for, mention that you are attaching your standard application form and anything else you are attaching, highlight a couple of things the panel should look out for or mention something nice that you genuinely know about the school and finish of with when you are available for interview. End the email with “Yours faithfully,” or something equally formal.

I have received email applications where there is nothing in the body. It automatically puts me off the applicant and puts them at a disadvantage. Very informal emails are equally off-putting and the use of emoticons, I’m sure I don’t have to say, is a complete no no.

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