Will I buy Refurbished iPads or new iPads?

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Published on: 14th February 2017

I’m a big fan of refurbished computer equipment. Not only are the computers good enough for my needs, they also are much cheaper than the full-price models. The only consideration, really, is that often the after sales support might be better with an new computer. However, is this the case with iPads?

Right now, one can buy a refurbished iPad for a couple of hundred euro cheaper than a brand new iPad. They generally also come with a one-year guarantee, which is about standard for any refurbished piece of equipment. This iPad is generally a couple of years older than the latest model but generally works very well.

I checked the Apple page to see what benefits there would be for buying a brand new iPad. I was a little bit disappointed to see that Apple only offer a one-year after sales service too…. and it comes with all sorts of conditions.

You can click the image above to read them. If you want further support, you’ll need to buy into the Apple Care Plan.

Given these variables, I think I’d happily choose a refurbished iPad over a new one for a school. That is, of course, if I was bothered buying iPads… but that’s a whole other article!

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