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August 2017


The removal of the Baptism Barrier from Catholic Schools has been met with the usual reactions from the usual parties. However, who are the real winners and losers if this decision comes through? WINNERS: Protestant Schools/Church Whatever their denomination of protestantism, the big winners in this debacle are members of this Church. These schools can continue to give privilege to people of their own faith. As there are very few pockets of the country where there isn’t a Protestant school, no matter Read More...

If you’re explaining you’re losing….

Richard Bruton attempting to explain why minority faiths need to be protected by state funded schools. The logic seems so patronising. It almost feels like religions are endangered species and schools are like zoos and the Irish government are some sort of foundation for endangered people making sure they never mix with other people for fear of cross contamination. Schools can’t be enclosures or ghettos for any breeds or creeds. If people want to protect their faith or ethos, Read More...

October 2012

Engaging Parents for Maths Week using Facebook

There was a lot of activity in Ireland during Maths Week this year and it is positive to see how people are beginning to see the huge importance of Maths in everyday life. I decided to try and get some of the parents in my school involved in the fun of Maths by posting a simple Maths Problem on our school’s Facebook page each day of the week to see if it would generate any discussion. I decided to use Read More...

June 2012

Suspensions, Expulsions and Social Media

A couple of weeks ago four secondary schools were in the news for all the wrong reasons. A number of students were punished in varying degrees of severity for behaviours that were of varying degrees of unacceptability. The reaction of the media, the students and their parents highlighted a lot of interesting debates, few of which mentioned the protection of the teacher from abuse. While teachers have never been immune to abuse from students, parents and the media, with Read More...

August 2011

Facebook beats Email

In a recent report, Data Solutions, an Irish IT distributor,  announced the results of a survey, which revealed that 75% of Irish students use social networking site, Facebook, as their main channel for communicating online with only 6% preferring to use email. The Blue Coat survey, which was completed in June 2011, interviewed 164 Irish students in secondary school and at third level, to determine how this generation is currently communicating. From a primary level point of view, we need to sit up and take notice Read More...

March 2011's Plans for its Facebook Page

At, we get dozens of queries each month.  We’re delighted that teachers feel that they can ask us questions and we hope that our answers so far have been useful to them.  Sometimes, an article may come about from a question.  However, more often than not, once a question is answered, we generally don’t do anything with it. There is a lot of truth in the story of any classroom that lots of people might have the same questions Read More...

October 2010

Social Not-Working

2010 started off strangely.  My wife left Facebook.  This in itself was strange because she spent many minutes everyday uploading photographs, updating her status message and having debates about nothing with online friends.  In fact, she spent, on her own admission, checking Facebook was part of her daily routine. I’m not ego-centric enough to think that my wife leaving Facebook is newsworthy in itself.  It was the reasoning for leaving and the reaction to her last Facebook status message that Read More...

March 2010

INTO branch opens a Facebook page

The West Liffey INTO branch have launched a Facebook page, “Teachers Talking Back”, to inform branch members of media reports from the INTO. A spokesperson from the branch said: We’re always on the lookout for ways to engage with the teachers who don’t come to INTO meetings because we feel they get their information via the media and never get to hear an alternative view of the state of the nation and the education system. The INTO does release its Read More...

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