SMART introduces a new Interactive Projector 4

SMART technologies have just announced their latest product: SMART LightRaise, a new interactive projector with a difference. It is thought to be the world’s first fully-integrated touch-enabled interactive projector. Since interactive projectors first came on the market, one of the key advantages other boards had over them was the ability to control them with a finger. With this obstacle now gone, there appears to be little reason to need a separate board and projector.

This is great news for any schools who still haven’t invested in Interactive Whiteboards (though it is hard to know if there are that many around anymore!) I intend to get over to the UK in January to test it out at BETT and I’ll be able to give a full review. SMART have released the key features of the projector:

  • Dual Touch (This means that 2 people can simultaneously use their finger or pen – another huge advantage over other systems)
  • Gesture Control (This enables users to Rotate, flick, zoom etc using two fingers like a phone)
  • Up to 100″ screen size
  • Three-year limited warranty on the projector, pen and accessories. One-year/1000 hour warranty on the lamp, (although one should expect resellers to offer something better than this)

Orders won’t be allowed to start for a couple of months and schools should expect to see the first ones coming into schools in spring of 2013. Obviously, even with this great new product, the price will decide whether it will be a success. It will need to be less than a typical IWB. On the down side of things, I wonder is it too late to introduce a product like this into the IWB market? Have most schools now already got Interactive solutions? Are IWBs old news? Something needs to rejuvenate the IWB market. Is the LightRaise the product to do it?