Primary Schools and Facebook Pages

Should primary schools have Facebook Pages?

Should primary schools have Facebook pages? This was the question of the week on the various fora that I subscribe to. I thought I’d write a few quick thoughts on my own experience of having a Facebook page for my school and point out a few things that you need to know.

G Suite for Primary Schools

G Suite is the new name for Google Apps

Google Apps for Education is probably one of the most important set of tools any primary school should have. It combines almost all of Google’s tools together into one package and the cost of all of it is… zero.

Interactive Whiteboards

They haven't gone away!

We’ve reviewed and tested out dozens of IWBs over the years. Read from over 40 articles to choose the one that’s right for your school.

Google Classroom

Classroom of the future?

Google have decided to further embed themselves into the world of education with a new product called Classroom. I was given my preview account today to play around with and see what I can do with it. Read my first impressions.


Thinking about coding?

Scratch is one of many programming languages that children might be interested if they wish to start coding. We’ve written loads of articles and guides to using Scratch and we have a dedicated section on the YouTube channel. We’re adding articles all the time.


Thinking of Taking on Tablets?

The world of tablets is one that’s fairly difficult to navigate with plenty of different options out there including iPads, Androids and Surfaces. However what do they all have in common and should you be forking out a fortune?

In the Office

Administration and ICT

If you are a principal, there are ways that ICT can help make your job easier…or more difficult! With a range of tools that are supposed to help you reduce your workload, we’ve compiled a number of articles to help ease the burden.

...and there's more

Don't be left in the dark...

We’ve written hundreds of articles on using technology in the primary school. Whatever advice you are looking for, from visualisers to blogging, we’ve probably written about it; and if we haven’t, simply click on the link to ask a question and we’ll answer it. With new articles coming all the time, we’re always here to help.

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